Ensuring an Enabling Environment for Inclusiveness and Diversity in Learning and Development in Africa.

Expected Outcome:

To have empowered participants equipped with an understanding and tools to deliver meaningful impact in L&D through using inclusiveness and diversity as means to achieve better learning outcomes.

Aims and Objectives

This event will provide a forum for participants to do the following:

  • learning about diversity and Inclusion and how it applies to L&D
  • understand how diversity and Inclusion affect the way we deliver training
  • Share ideas on how we can create a safe learning and development environment to encourage employees, clients and beneficiaries to be their authentic self to get better learning outcomes

For whom?

This event will bring together Learning and Development Professionals from all over Africa, as well as critical stakeholders in the Learning and Development industry in Africa. The maiden event will be open to Professional Trainers/Training Facilitators, L&D Managers, Training Institutions, Academic Institutions, Coaches and Mentors and Consultants in the L&D space.


  • Network with other African L&D Professionals
  • Leverage on collective action after the Conference to gain more visibility
  • Learn, share ideas and diversify

The event will offer a programme of activities allowing open dialogue and self-reflection. It will include the following key elements:

Plenary sessions

These will be the main sessions of the Conference and will feature keynote presentations by leading L&D professionals and stakeholders around the following themes:

  • Introduction to Training and Facilitation
  • Diversity and Inclusion; what it means in Africa
  • Benefits of ensuring an inclusive L&D
  • Who have we left behind in developing, implementing and evaluating our L&D programs.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions will enable direct interactions among participants. The main aim of these sessions is to discuss:

  • Improving learning in the workflow with diversity and Inclusion
  • Using learning technologies to enhance diversity and Inclusion in L&D
  • Gender and L&D; who are we leaving behind?
  • What does a safe space for learning look like for persons with disabilities (PWDs)?
  • Making learning inclusive for persons with learning disabilities

Developing a L&D strategy for your business or organisation.

Summing up’ session

This session will bring delegates together to summarise the outcomes of the discussions. Rapporteurs from each group will briefly summarise the workshop discussions, highlight critical issues, potential solutions, and examples of transferable practice.

‘Key lessons and way forward’

This session enables reflection on the key messages emerging from the Conference. It is the hope that at this stage, participants will take decisions on how best to adapt innovative interventions to improve the delivery of solutions in the Learning and Development Space in Africa.